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We'd like to let you know that we're starting our next exhibition on February 22nd. As guest artists you can come and admire the works of Luc Peters, Joop De Chêne and Marika Vansant. Due to great success we also get extra works by Fredcot and Nadine Vergeus. If you didn't know it yet, you know it now.



Heleen Hobelman was born in Wish (1971). Has a clear vision on art. Art should be more than decoration. It has to play a subtle leading role in the interior. No addition, decoration or the finishing touch. You experience work by Heleen, it does something to the viewer. It evokes cheerfulness. Her work is based on the technique of the old masters, painting layer upon layer, whereby the lower layers shimmer through the upper layers and glazing, paint that is diluted with stand oil with some turpentine. Heleen's paintings are characterized by their large dimensions, subjects that radiate simplicity, but are painted in such detail and hyper-realism that she manages to impress the viewer. Every encounter with the work is a silent enjoyment, a still life celebration. Her work is bought by lovers of still lifes as well as the abstract, and is therefore best described as modern realism.


Joop de Chêne was born in Tilburg ( Netherlands ). She successfully completed her studies Fashion and Clothing at the Academy. Later she graduated " cum laude " at the Academy of Fine Arts in Arendonk. Since a number of years Joop works as an independent artist in Merksplas ( Belgium ). She exhibited all over the world in museums and glories, a.o. in Japan. New York, Italy, London and Berlin. Her works are mainly abstract. The basis of the composition lies in the world of fashion and nature. Intuition and emotion create a certain tension in the work. Although her art has its own character, her work is clearly related to movements in contemporary painting. Joop searches in her work for balance and space, for beauty and stillness, through the use of shapes and colours. Her paintings radiate a striking harmony and tranquillity, they are often characterized by the use of earth tones. Joop mainly makes free work, but also paints on commission.  



My Twisters are a harmony of contrasts. Tight sober shapes turn into graceful rhythmic ribbons that become detached from control. Always looking for balance.


Luc Peters, Roermond 1950. Art academies Tilburg and Maastricht. Luc Peters is an anachronic (antique and contemporary) artist. His sculptures are innovative, different and daring. Archaeology, classical antiquity but also baroque and gothic elements influence his work. He uses different, often reused materials, such as wood, stone, metal and concrete. These are "melted together" to form an object. Luc Peters is a sculptor of new orders, an inventor of antiques from the present.


Born in 1957 in Aveyron,
Fine arts of Sète and Toulouse ...and then the life that catches and absorbs us, the life that made me a woman and a mother, the life that brings other joys by taking us away from our dreams....
And then one day in 2005, in an industrial wasteland, I came across a piece of industrial felt that was used to insulate cars.  My dream jumped out at me, I understand that day that I'm a sculptor, 
To use this rudimentary and raw material, which I immediately loved, I invented and developed a whole technique by hijacking tools.  The soldering iron became my right arm. Since then, inhabited by an unstoppable creative urge, I have been working tirelessly.


Fredcot °1974 Painter, sculptor, draughtsman, poet. What occupies me is man hiding behind an animal masquerade with a lice circus of drifts in their custom-made fur. With a creative primal rebellion of oil (the fossil) and acrylic (the artificial) I sketch man from the animal, the animal back from modern man. The rope-bound work refers to the repeated packing and unpacking of ourselves, the lugging along of the various facets of our lives that are difficult to shed and that inextricably make man as a whole.


Snezana Petrovic is a Serbian female painter and printmaker whose works of art belong to the genre of figurative surrealism and fantastic art. She was born in 1977 in Novi Sad, Serbia. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts at the University of Novi Sad in 2004 at the Department of Printmaking, where she also graduated Magister of Fine Arts in Printmaking in 2008. In 2015 she obtained her doctorate in Fine Arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Serbia. She works at the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of Novi Sad as a university lecturer at the Department of Printmaking. She has participated in around 150 group exhibitions and realized 18 solo exhibitions, both in Serbia and worldwide, and has won a dozen awards and worldwide recognition for her works of art, including a Jury Prize [third in rank] at the 6th Tokyo International Mini Print Triennial 2018 in Japan and a Special Jury and Purchasing Prize [second in rank] at the 10th International Gravure Biennale "Premio Acqui 2011" in Acqui Terme, Italy.


Inge's visual research is inspired by the round primal form. Inge creates scuptures that are a clear continuation of her starting point : organic forms that inject the environment : our eyes and hands can follow the creations without faltering. The results are controlled sculptures, sometimes with a sober finish, sometimes with a colourful finish. C (onnection)  In her 'C'(connection) - project Inge searches for the connection, round organic forms in different dimensions are fluently connected to each other as a symbol of relationships and connections.